Adam Reinhardt
Securing the Liberties of All Pennsylvanians


Meet Adam


I am not a politician


I am a lifelong Monroe County local, Christian minister, and Libertarian candidate for Pennsylvania State Senate 40th District. Born in Allentown, I grew up in East Stroudsburg on the same homestead that my great grandparents purchased when they immigrated to America. I earned my bachelors degree in Religion from Houghton College in 2012 and my Masters of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary in 2016. I've had the privilege of serving several parishes in the Northeast Pennsylvania area, as well as parishes in New York and New Jersey. I'm a fitness enthusiast and an avid outdoorsman. I've visited and lived in a lot of beautiful places in this country, but there is no other place I'd rather call home than these Pocono Mountains.

I am running for State Senate because I believe the people of Pennsylvania deserve another voice and another choice when they vote in November. The people are tired of the Republicans and Democrats promising the moon but never delivering on their promises. The people are tired of Republicans and Democrats trying to get your vote based on fear of the other rather than on their own merits. The people deserve something different. The two party system has led us to economic stagnation and legislative gridlock. Anymore it seems to me that civility in political discourse is a relic of a bygone era as the two old parties act as though their sole purpose is to destroy each other. And as these parties and their loyal supporters fight each other tooth and nail, somehow they manage to find bipartisan agreement on continuously raising taxes and spending. Despite all of the money Harrisburg takes, they cannot seem to manage balancing the budget even as our State's debt and deficit continue to grow. This is unsustainable and morally irresponsible as we are leaving the burden of our financial mismanagement on the next generation. Furthermore, the burden of State and Federal regulation on small businesses contribute to making Pennsylvania one of the hardest States in which to start a small business. All the while our very real problems such as the opioid crisis, go unsolved. Pennsylvania is by no means unique in regards to nonconstructive partisan bickering, fiscal irresponsibility, or unnecessary regulatory burdens. And we're far from being the worst offenders. But I think we can do much, much better. Libertarian principles of small, efficient, accountable localized government, fiscal responsibility, and economic freedom can make Pennsylvania one of the strongest States in the Union. We can lead the country in innovation, job creation, and personal happiness.

We have all the right ingredients. What we need are people in State and local government to have the vision and courage to set Pennsylvanians free to use those ingredients to fix our communities and make this State the envy of the entire Country. I am not a career politician and I have no desire to be one. I am not running because I want to govern you. I am running because I want to un-govern you and to unleash your creative potential. I am the alternative voice to the the tired failure of the two party system. If you are an independent, third partier, someone fed up with one or both of the old parties, or someone completely disillusioned with politics all together, I am not just your third option. I am your only option on the ballot in November.